"Action" or Gone with the Wind?

Nothing is impossible. Unfortunately this includes a camera defect, the director’s upset stomach or the loss of the leading motive due to bad weather. The shoot takes longer, the costs increase and the team gets nervous – none of this was in the script. Even when the film has been shot, unforeseen events may occur: During transportation, during copying or while saving the material. We cover your risks.

HOWDEN CANINENBERG is one of Germany’s leading insurance brokers for risks associated with film and television, documentaries and fiction, advertising and marketing. We are deeply connected to the media world and in continuous contact with producers, broadcasting services, studios, media professionals.

Our established insurance concepts offer you protection from unforeseen events, absence or loss of staff, damage to technology and problems with the material – and you can acknowledge your client’s and investor’s needs for safety.

Our experts speak your language and want to design insurance solution for your production risks. The HOWDEN CANINENBERG GMBH is a member of the friends of the producers alliance (Freunde der Produzentenallianz), who offer special insurance solutions for their members. Our partnership with MIN Media Insurance allows us to provide you with complete services on-location in many European countries and even in North and South America – immediately, and with the same quality and competence as in Germany. This gives you more time to concentrate on your job.


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