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Standard insurance policy products are available anywhere. For individual policies, we are your competent partner. The extensive knowledge of our experts means that we can offer customized solutions for your company. The best is our standard – also in the areas industry and commerce. We develop specific concepts for diverse industries and sectors.

Construction, assembly, production and facility operations are associated with quite specific risks. We are familiar with all of them.

As your representative, we are a member of your interest groups and associations, such as the European Association of Event Centres e.V. (EVVC), the association for professional light and sound technology (Verband für professionelle Licht- und Tontechnik VPLT e.V.) and the industry association for light metal construction systems (IFBS Industrieverband für Bausysteme im Metallleichtbau). The proximity to your business areas means that we can create insurance solutions for liability risks, property values and balance sheet values – unrivaled on the insurance market.

We insure a. o.: event locations, concert organizers, technology rental companies, event agencies, metal construction and manufacturing companies, freelancers, managers.

Special Insurance for Event Liability Risks

Our solutions protect loaners and lenders to the highest degree: For example, they cover liabilities to rented equipment as part of the location. Regardless of whether the visitors or your staff are responsible for the damages. This all-round insurance policy with the best cost-benefit ratio is especially favorable for EVVC members. Recommended by all event hall operators.

Special Insurance for Technology Rental Companies

Event, sound, light, film and/or video technology: mixers, speakers, lighting and similar equipment is expensive and fragile. Protection is important: During storage and transport and while in the hands of your customer – unreported damages included. Included is also a proportional care protection package for new purchases as well as for rented equipment.

Special Insurance for Metal Construction Companies

Customized insurance policies for metal construction companies "IFBS-PLUS". Without the risk of under, over and double insurance and with the chance of considerable cost reductions!

MODINT Insurance Service for Textile Companies

Special insurance for risks associated with the fashion, textile, interior decoration and carpet industries.

Individual Insurance Protection for Freelancers and Manager

Mistakes can happen to anybody. If your freelance or work activities include consulting, safeguarding or evaluating of third party interests or is based on reporting, mediating, enforcing, certifying or examining, you will need protection from the financial results of possible mistakes. We will analyze your area of responsibility and recommend, for example, a capital liabilities or D&O insurance (manager liability policy). This will cover your back as you see necessary.

Our individual, thorough and well-established insurance policy solutions will provide you with the services and performance that is important to you and your company. From the standard product to the – until now – uninsurable risk and the special insurance – we always have the fitting solution for you and your company. Trust our know-how and experience – so that you can concentrate on what is really important to you!

HOWDEN CANINENBERG GMBH – your key to successful and efficient risk and, therefore, insurance management!


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