Public art or expensive trouble?

Be it graffiti, vandalism, rain water, rent default or securing the deposit – we can offer you a solution. Your administrative work will be reduced. Simpler claims settlement, prepared and apportionable insurance premiums are part of our service. Talk with us and discover further details of how to make your professional life simpler and more secure. We demonstrate how modern insurance policy protection in the real estate industry is more than just calculating the property value and its coverage.

Risk Management

Our experts analyze the comprehensive risk situation of your company based on your specific needs. We present you with options for risk reduction through loss prevention and preventative care.

Concepting and developing the agreed insurance concepts

To provide the necessary cover for the risks, we select the best from a diversity of insurer on the market depending on the prices and coverage they offer. We maintain long-lasting and trusting relationships to all the key insurers.

Contract Management

The entire administration of the insurance contracts is handled according to your wishes – smoothly and unbureaucratically. The contracts are continuously supervised and checked on their status. After consulting with you, we will adapt the insurance policy or contract conditions according to the current risk and market situation.

We will base the billing and distribution of the apportionable insurance premiums on your individual specifications.

Claims Settlement

We guarantee a rapid and uncomplicated process for settling claims and damages. For example, we offer the option of only reporting damages above 5,000 EUR. Previously, the processing was simply based on the worker’s bills. Now, you ask your favored partner to repair the damages. We handle the incoming bills directly with the contracted company. 

In case of large-scale damages, our experienced staff will, of course, support and consult with you directly on-site.

Additional Services

Due to our knowledge of the real estate industry, we can support you in optimizing your work processes and inform you about the latest risk-relevant market changes.

Your advantages in working with HOWDEN CANINENBERG GMBH

  • Premium payment reduction for the area of apportionable operating costs

  • Maintenance cost reduction with an expanded insurance policy

  • Administration cost reduction due to simpler work processes

  • Simpler claims settlement systems

  • Cost reduction and optimization of company-own insurance policies

  • Continuous support and monitoring of risk ratios

  • Single source insurance policy management

  • Training measures for the in-house staff

  • Industry know-how of the real estate sector

  • Independent of insurance companies


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