New records but empty benches?

An event organizer can plan perfectly, but many risks are beyond his influence. Heavy rain, a flooded access road or a power failure can mean the end of an event and cause a financial disaster. Even if the event takes place, a faulty chip can disrupt the TV transmission or advertising banner. A sports event can also be expensive for the sponsor; a record is broken or, surprisingly, a title is won leading to high bonus payments. The devil is in the detail.

Our special insurance concepts protect you completely and help you to achieve your commercial or business goals. As a “player” in the international sports world, you need, besides a clear risk awareness, the right support. This is what we offer with all our competence.

Or do you want to risk that the testimonial advertising turns into a flop because the star has public support anymore? And that unexpected success bonuses for teams and top stars, specified by the sponsoring contracts, make the marketing budget impossible to calculate? That spectacular competitive games and promotions, despite all probability calculations, overrun the financial concept? That sporting failures such as relegations from the top league or reduced presence in the international business endanger long-term investment and financial planning?  

Our sophisticated insurance concepts will help you and make sure you stay on the winning side.

And we offer you our invaluable know-how as a consulting partner.

Are your future business profits dependent on sport results and are you looking for a professional evaluation of the risks involved? Are you hosting a competitive game and looking to include an external partner for the proper drawing procedure? Are you offering a hole-in-one prize and looking for a monitoring person for the event?

We provide a variety of services for sports and events. Talk to us.


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